Heaven on Earth


Heaven on Earth

Healing • Reconnection • Wellness


Southington Connecticut's very own healing center!

A place where you can go to get away from the craziness of life and for a moment, just live.  A space that focuses on positive living and personal development.  Where the mind body connection can be understood and the spirit and soul levels of every man can fully and finally begin to grow.   Not in a hippie way, but in a way of results.  A center where patients can come to relieve physical and energetic pain whether by massage, chiropractic, reflexology, diet and health, reiki, counseling, sound healing, aromatherapy, and many other modalities.


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Space Rental for Healers

Two separate rooms are available to rent for the day, evening or a weekend for your workshop, event or even certification class.  One large open room and one smaller more intimate closed room.  Each space is available for rent for $25hr.  We want this to be an affordable place for you to use and share your work.  Please reach out to us via email if you are interested hosting your event and we can share more details and book you in our calendar.


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