A place to unwind.


Southington's very own healing center.   A place where you can go to get away from the craziness of life and for a moment, just live.  A space that focuses on positive living and personal development.  Where the mind body connection can be understood and the spirit and soul levels of every man can fully and finally begin to grow.   Not in a hippie way, but in a way of results.  A center where patients can come to relieve physical and energetic pain whether by massage, chiropractic, reflexology, diet and health, reiki, counseling, sound healing, aromatherapy, and many other modalities.  A school of sorts, with classes offered to teach students how to heal themselves and others.  A mystery school of divine health and universal law.

A center of community and family where heaven and earth can shake hands for the first time.  Our positive living center will be the first of its kind, setting our town up as a healing mecca of CT, New England and the entire East Coast.  We look forward to helping our clients, restoring our families and bringing back a positive outlook on life.

This center was birthed from a dream that Jordan was consistently having that would not leave him alone!   Finally he listened and created the center in 2017.



Meet the Practitioners from Heaven on Earth.


Visionary, Jordan Critchley

Jordan is a Hands on Healer, Reiki II Advanced Practitioner, Psychic Intuitive, and Facilitator of Heaven on Earth Healing Center.

Jordan teaches numerous classes on Sexual Alchemy, Psychic training, The Science of Numbers, and many other Esoteric subjects. He is a leader in the fields on personal development and one-on-one grief counseling.

His main focus is to "Change the World" by sharing the hidden secrets of the past, teach universal laws and principals that have been forgotten, and to personally heal clients of mental, physical, and energetic pain.

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Tara Critchley

Tara has been researching scriptures for over forty years. She works as a secretary and bookkeeper for the family business that she and her husband founded. As a homeschooling mom who taught kindergarten through sixth grade, Tara helped children incorporate spiritual realities into real life. Tara is available for spiritual consultations to help you get to the root causes of illness. Contact her at tarajcritchley@gmail.com for an appointment. Free/donations accepted. Visit her website for a resource of spiritual causes and antidotes for illnesses at www.antidotesforhealing.com.


Kristina Sloan - Intuitive Healer

Kristina is an Women's Intuitive Empowerment Coach.  Previously timid and lacking in confidence and self-love, Kristina is now blazing her own trail to help women around the world step into their power, self-acceptance and vitality.  She focuses on teaching the importance of self-embodiment and self-nourishment to get to know the true self and fully blossom as the unique beautiful being that you are.

Working on the physical, emotional and spiritual layers, she uses her intuitive gifts along with practical knowledge and experience in this field to help bring about empowerment and wellbeing to Women. She is a certified Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher and takes a mind, body, spirit approach in all of her work.

Certified Wellness Coach
BA Psychology


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Rebecca Duhnman - Message Therapist

Becca is a multi-modality massage therapist that uses a variety of techniques within a session to tailor it to each client. After studying at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newingto, CT, she has been practicing for nearly 4 years and continues to expand her knowledge to be able to serve more people to the highest degree. Whether healing a physical pain or keeping a calming environment to take a break from the hectic day to day, your massage will be as unique as you are!


Kelvin Young- Sound Healer

Kelvin is an Addiction Recovery Coach, Radio Talk Show Host of "Our Recovery Stories", Sound Practitioner and Owner of Sacred Sound Healing, LLC. Kelvin has presented around the country in diverse settings, including Yoga Reaches Out, Newtown Yoga Festival, Indie Yoga in San Francisco, CA, Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, yoga studios, retreat centers, conferences, colleges, prisons, addiction treatment centers, psychiatric inpatient units at state hospitals and mental health agencies.
Kelvin was featured in a powerful documentary on addiction recovery called Recovering Community. He also serves as the Senior Vice President of the Hartford Metro Holistic Chamber of Commerce in CT.
Today, he continues to share his story of finding freedom from alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and other opiates and his methods for incorporating holistic practices in his personal and professional life for chronic stress relief.  He is passionate about holding space for people to heal and is known for his warm, loving and down-to-earth way of connecting with people.

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Kimberly Martin- Massage and Energy Healing

Kimberly L.M.T., R.M.T. is a Graduate of CCMT in Newington, CT and has been a massage therapist since 2009.  She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association A.M.T.A. and has practiced massage at what are considered the best spas in Connecticut and Rhode Island.   Most recently the Ocean House, OH SPA in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Additional experience includes, the Mayflower Grace, Norwich Spa and Inn, Elemis and Delamare in Southport.  She has participated in health fairs at the Legislative Office Building of CT, Mental Health Fairs for non-profit agencies and clinics along with corporate wellness events.
Kimberly is a Reiki Master and Teacher and offers Reiki sessions alone or added on to the massage treatment.
Naturally intuitive she has the ability to know where people hold pain and restrictions and helps reduce and eliminate pain, tension and holding patterns.
Kimberly is a member of the Astrological and Metaphysical Society in Connecticut (ASC) where she has taken her long time passion for astrology and gained knowledge of healing the body through natal charts.
Among Therapeutic Massage Services and Reiki Energy Healing Sessions.  She plans to combine her passions for energy healing, massage and astrology with a unique form of niche body healing.  She calls “origin star massage” which blends a person’s astrological chart using that guide to customize a massage for a medicinal form of astrology.
Kimberly has a bachelor’s degree at Baypath University in East Longmeadow Mass.   She plans to enroll in Graduate school for Occupational Therapy and Orthopedic Medicine Doctorate in the fall of 2019.